If you are looking at discovering the fascination of freefall without having any previous experience, the tandem skydive is a great choice for you. It is designed to allow you to experience freefall skydiving without the complication of doing an intensive course beforehand. After only 15 minutes of instruction, you will be ready to do a parachute jump with your tandem instructor. You will experience terminal velocity at around 130 mphon your first jump for up to a minute! This can only be achieved from 12.500 feet.

Do you dream of learning to skydive? Our accelerated freefall (AFF) skydiving course is a specially designed 7 level program to fast track you to learning to skydive solo! With AFF First Jump Course, you can jump without being attached to an instructor from your very first jump! No previous experience is necessary!

You’ll jump from 12,500ft on your first jump! At 5,000ft you’ll deploy your parachute and be guided by radio for your flight and landing.

* the cost of one jump is indicated

Static-Line Parachuting is an alternative method of getting qualified to the Accelerated Freefall course. One full day of ground-training is all that is required to carry out your first solo parachute jump from 4,000ft.

Your parachute opens automatically by a ‘static-line’ which is attached to the aircraft (so there is no freefall involved initially). You can then fly and land the canopy yourself.

All your skydives are on your own, i.e. solo. However you will be supervised by a sky diving Instructor on exit and on later descents an instructor will follow you out of the aircraft to observe your exercises.

Price: 2600 uah.
прыжок с парашютом

Do you want to surprise somebody special with something to remember forever?

Giving a jump from 12,500 feet, a full minute of pure adrenaline in free-fall at 120mph, followed by 5 minutes of quiet and pleasant flight under a parachute is something definetely special.

You can buy your gift voucher either if you have a date, or if you want to buy it with an open date (gift vouchers are valid for three month from the date of purchase).

You can easily order your voucher online now by selecting book button below. You will receive your gift voucher, the next day, at the nearest post office!


Take up skydiving close to Kiev, Ukraine. We offer skydiving courses (Accelerated Free Fall – AFF), tandem skydive jumps. We cater to people who want to learn to skydive or for experienced jumpers looking for team training/boogies. 

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